A brilliant bamboo update (and Merry Christmas!)

2021 has a lot of ups and downs, and that meant lots of dramatic headlines. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the right thing to do is, and we must simply use a big serving of common sense! But something which has really stuck with us is the increasingly urgent need to address our impact on the natural world. There’s no longer any doubt about climate change and if we want to preserve this extraordinary planet for future generations and stop people living on it right now from the terrible effects of climate-driven natural disasters, it’s time to act. All of us making small changes to the way we live, and shop will add up to big changes.You may have read on our social media feeds that one of the reasons why our founder Lynne chose bamboo was for its eco-credentials. And it’s true! Alongside the amazing benefits to the wearer (it’s super soft, it’s thermoregulating, it’s moisture wicking and breathable and it’s antibacterial) it’s better for the environment than lots of other materials.

Bamboo’s excellent eco-creds

It goes without saying that it easily outstrips synthetic materials crafted from tiny plastic fibres (which have ended up being found in the very deepest oceans on the planet). But it’s also kinder to the planet to grow cotton, the staple of the textile industry. Here are just a few examples:

  • Bamboo doesn’t need the extensive pesticides which are used in non-organic cotton production.
  • Bamboo uses less water to grow so it doesn’t need irrigation in most cases.
  • Bamboo grows quickly, even in hostile climates, so harvest doesn’t impact the local ecosystem as much.
  • Bamboo helps prevent soil erosion because the roots are left in when it’s harvested.

There are also far fewer ethical issues associated with bamboo production compared to cotton farming. Our bamboo fabric is sustainably sourced, and the clothing is made here in the UK, so we know it’s not exploiting anyone.

Bamboo is great at trapping carbon

More recently, something else amazing about bamboo has come to light. It’s amazing at capturing carbon from the atmosphere and trapping it. That’s called carbon ‘sequestering’ and it’s big news in the fight to halt climate change. Carbon that we release into the atmosphere that isn’t captured and turned into solids or liquids (and that can be done naturally by trees and plants or artificially by scientists) is problematic. It rises up and traps heat in the atmosphere, causing those dangerous temperature rises. 

The good news is that bamboo plants sequester at least double, and possibly even six times the amount of carbon as a similar area of trees would. That means bamboo farming helps to trap carbon in our atmosphere, another boost to its eco-credentials!

Merry Christmas!

Before we sign off from our final blog of 2021, Lynne, Emma and the rest of the team wanted to say a big thank you for your support throughout the year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We think our customers are the very best out there and we can’t wait to share even more new products with you in 2022. Have a fabulous Christmas holiday and Happy New Year.

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