A September update from Ginger & Jardine HQ

Launching lots of lovely new products

It’s been a busy time for our team recently as we’ve unveiled lots of new products which have gone down a storm. Our collaboration with country and equestrian outfitters Glaze & Gordon to bring the Hunt Jump Roll Neck to life marked an exciting new era for Ginger & Jardine. These cosy tops feature a print which was painted exclusively for Glaze & Gordon by celebrated sporting artist Ruth Buchanan. It’s perfect for those who adore all things countryside and British, and we’re over the moon with the reaction from our lovely customers. We also have a stock shirt in the same print for those who want to fly the hunting flag from the saddle!

There are also new navy stock shirts, with a lighter weight fabric perfect for Autumn hunting, and blue winter stock shirts made from a thicker, cosier knit.  Both are available in women’s and men’s sizes, so take a closer look and get prepared for winter adventures now. Do you want to know something else exciting? There are even more new tops waiting in the wings, so make sure you keep an eye on our social media feeds for more information coming soon.

Autumn is here and it’s time to dress for it

Do you love the first little signs of autumn? Or perhaps you’re a sun worshipper through and through, and the cool mornings and darker evenings fill you with dread? One thing is certain, and that’s that we can’t stop the march of time! Autumn weather will soon be upon us (if it isn’t already here by the time that you’re reading this) and that means it’s time to start planning outfits slightly more carefully.

Autumn and spring are both tough to dress for, especially if you’re active and outdoorsy. One moment it can be pouring with rain, the next it’s sunny and the temperatures climb quickly. The mornings can have a real chill to them, particularly in the mist, and the temperatures plummet in the early evening as the sun goes down. Staying comfortable throughout the day is all about layering and choosing the right fabric.

Our founder Lynne chose bamboo blends when she was researching fabrics thanks to some fantastic benefits it offers. Bamboo is thermoregulating, so it actually helps you to stay at the right temperature when you’re out and about. It’s also breathable and moisture-wicking if you do get a little hot under the collar. Our tops are so soft and silky that they’re a delight to wear as a base layer, but they also are smart enough to pair with a gilet or coat too. So, to survive an autumn day in the hunting or shooting field, our gardening or simply enjoying the countryside, why not take a look at our collection?

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