About Us

How it all started...

Born, bred and based in Suffolk, I’m the founder of Ginger & Jardine.  I developed and launched my range in response to the frustration of trying to find clothing that offered comfort and durability but was also stylish and did not cost a small fortune.

I  grew up on a family farm where most of my childhood was spent outdoors; riding, helping on the farm and playing sport.  After completing a degree at the Royal Agricultural College I went on to qualify as a Rural Practice Surveyor before moving into the Telecommunications Sector.

Having enjoyed a rewarding and fulfilling career, regular trips along the M4 and frequent stays away were taking their toll on family life.  In search of a new challenge and with a desire to do something different, the idea of Ginger & Jardine was born.

All our clothes are designed in house with a focus on comfort and practicality.  You will find no scratchy labels in the back neck seam and the garments all have a little stretch and are a bit longer in the body than many high street brands.  We aim to ensure your ultimate comfort whilst not compromising you style.

As well as looking and feeling good I wanted my range to be ethical and sustainable using fabrics that do not drain our natural resources.  Following months of research, testing and trials I opted for bamboo based fabrics as they offer so many fantastic qualities; they are super soft, antibacterial,  moisture wicking and sustainable.  Take a look at the About Bamboo page to learn more.

I hope you like what I have to offer.

Best wishes,

Our fabrics were developed with a small factory in Asia.  The fabrics are knitted tightly to prevent pilling and, to ensure the garments retain their shape, we have added a little elastane.  

We offer a range of fabrics across our garments to suit the season, activity and personal preference.  The Bamboo/Elastane without cotton for example has a more silky luxurious feel and is ideal for summer wear and/or layering.  The fabrics with a mix of cotton give a more cosy feel.  We use organic cotton, and in many of the garments the cotton yarn has been brushed rather than combed to produce a super soft touch.

We work with small family-run businesses, where techniques and skills have been passed down through the generations to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship.  The majority of our clothing is manufactured in the UK.

We have worked with designers, artists, and pattern cutters in the UK to develop the print, cut and look that we want achieve.  All these are small “one man band” operations who understand that we don’t want to skimp on length for example to cut down on production costs.  Our passion is to produce garments that you are going to want to continually wash and wear as they are completely fit for purpose and look great.  All our prints are completely unique and designed by our founder to create a country look.

Our branding design does not compromise your comfort; we have used small discreet branding tags on the hem of the garment rather than in the neckline.   

Our entire range undergoes a rigorous testing process to evaluate fit, design and quality.  Whilst this takes time, it ensures that when the products reach our customers, we have done everything to ensure complete satisfaction.