Ginger and Jardine Guest blog by Gem Gilbert

I have been kindly asked to share with you my love for Ginger and Jardine, how I wear it and why I love them as well as  how important to support sustainable UK made clothing.

My favourite product is the cosy roll neck. The bamboo fabric is super soft to touch, fits perfectly and easy to wear. They come in a wide range of colours and styles. Not only is the top comfy, it’s also brilliant at moisture wicking, so it is ideal to ride in without getting too hot.  Perfect for riding in nearly all year round apart from when we have an actual summer in which the sleeveless polo shirt is perfect for that as it allows you to stay super cool.

The roll necks are perfect for any occasion, whether that is wearing to the yard, training, or off shooting, beating or even shopping.  At the moment with COVID19 lock down they are perfect for evening daily walks.  I know at the moment we aren’t out and about, but when it is all over we can go back out and enjoy dressing up again.

The fact that all products are manufactured in England is a huge tick for me personally, as well as using a sustainable material such as bamboo fibre. With so much fast fashion in the world,  English made and sustainable clothing is so important to support as well as helping support a small business you are  also helping the planet.

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