New Year, New Choices? How to make sustainable wellness resolutions this year

Now that the dust has settled after the Christmas holidays, most of us are back into the routine of work or education and looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather and lighter evenings! January can seem to drag on and on, but I hope you’ve got a few dates in the diary to help the time go by quickly! 

January is also the month when we decide to crack on with any New Year’s resolutions that we’ve set ourselves. Have you set yourself any goals or aims for the months ahead? Mine are often focused on wellness; making a concerted effort to eat and drink healthily and get out and do more exercise. It’s a bit of a necessity after the excesses of the festive season and being kind to our bodies is a great way to start off the new year!

For me, healthy living isn’t necessarily all about hitting the gym. I know that for many people a session in the gym is a great way to clear your head after a busy day or a spot to meet a friend and catch up while boosting your step count on the treadmill. But for others, the frenetic music and packed classes simply don’t appeal (especially with such high levels of Omicron lurking!). We’re all different, aren’t we? So here are some ideas that I hope you’ll find useful if you have wellness-based resolutions to stick to. And I’d love to hear what yours are too!

Small changes add up to a big difference

When you’re determined to be healthier or slimmer it might feel like you need to make big changes but that isn’t always sustainable. I love to try to weave my wellness into my normal routine and involve the things I love which makes it far more likely that I’ll stick to it. For example, I’ll figure out how long one of my dog walks takes and aim to knock a few minutes off each day. Or I look for new loops or routes which are longer for a few days a week.

Involve the things you love

If you’re a total foodie then having a really restrictive diet can be miserable and set you up for failure when you get bored. Why not embrace that love of food and research new recipes which are super healthy, tasty and fun to make? That way you’re still able to enjoy cooking and eating and pack in plenty of vegetables and protein! They might even become part of your regular repertoire even when January is long forgotten. The same is true for exercise – see below!

Try something new

Is there a sport you’ve always wanted to have a go at and never had the chance? From tennis to clay shooting, there are so many options to choose from! Why not see if your local sports centre is running classes or that sport’s governing body is trying to attract new players with a taster session. It might be a little bit nerve wracking, but I bet you’ll end up being active for an hour and not even notice where the time went! And you might discover a new hobby too!

Reward yourself for successes

Remember the key rules of setting goals – they need to be measurable, so you know when you’re succeeding! If your aim is to get fitter, then make sure you have a way to see if your plan is working. The same goes for weight loss or committing to eat more fruit and vegetables. Make sure that you have stages of success and reward yourself along the way. If that reward happens to be a new cosy roll neck, then you just happen to be in the right place!

Stay warm and stay safe,


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