Claret & Blue Argyle Long Socks Size 12-3



75% Bamboo Viscose 23% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Featuring a fully cushioned sole for extra comfort and durability these socks are ultra soft and silky.   We have taken a great deal of time and care in designing and selecting the socks to ensure they not only feel very luxurious to wear but are also practical; these socks really do have staying power!  They stay up due to the design of the top cuff and just the right amount of elastane.

This colour palette matches our roll neck top with the Augergine & blue Tattersal style check print.  Also available in blue & Green.

Available in Size 12.5-3.5 and Size 4-7

  • Moisture wicking and breathable – over 4 times more moisture absorbent than cotton to keep your feet dry
  • Luxuriously soft – the yarn has a real silky feel
  • Cushioned Sole – for extra comfort and durability
  • Naturally Odour resistant – Bamboo’s antibacterial qualities ensure your feet are kept fresh all day
  • Sustainable – bamboo is the world’s fastest growing crop without the need for fertilisers or sprays
  • Great design – the waffle top cuff will ensure the socks stay up

Product Description

Getting just the right socks to pair with your wellies, riding boots and walking boots can be hard. If you get it wrong your feet can get unbearably sweaty and sore in the summer and freezing cold and numb in the winter. Sweaty feet can cause wellies and long boots to rub, turning some of your comfiest footwear into a blister nightmare.


The perfect balance is a long sock which is breathable and moisture wicking, soft yet durable and has just the right amount of elastane to stop them slipping down inside the boot. No-one wants their wellie sock to slip down and have to wobble next to a fence or gatepost in the mud to take the boot off, pull the sock back up and then carry on… until it slips down again!


The Ginger & Jardine bamboo socks are the perfect long socks to pair with boots. They are made from bamboo fabric which allows your skin to breathe and helps to wick moisture away to keep you comfortable. Bamboo fabric can also absorb several times more moisture than a cotton sock, so your feet will stay drier for long. We’ve added just a touch of elastane to the bamboo blend to help them stay up – no saggy socks here! The clever bamboo fibre we use for our socks is also antibacterial, making them ideal for those who dread their feet getting a little bit smelly in their riding boots or wellies all day long. This natural odour resistance in our bamboo socks is a real selling point for people who live in wellies and long boots, such as gardeners, farmers, equestrians and gamekeepers. Bamboo socks also have the magic combination of being luxuriously soft to wear, yet durable and long lasting.


Our soft long boot socks come in either a claret and blue or a blue and green Argyle pattern, a really eye-catching and fun pattern to wear. We’ve reinforced the sole with slight cushioning to stop those achy, sore heels after a long day spent on your feet. The tops of the socks feature a waffle top cuff to keep them in place and stop them slipping down. Could these be the perfect socks for wellies and riding boots? We think so!

Additional information

Sock Colour

Blue, Burgundy


Available in the following sizes:

Size 12.5 – 3.5 (EU 35-38)

Size 4 – 7 (EU 38-42)

The socks are a generous size to allow for a little shrinkage in the wash.  The socks will contract through washing due to the elastane content but will stretch back almost to the original size.


  • Wash on Warm – max 30-40 degrees on a low cycle
  • Wash the socks inside out – due to the very silky nature of the thread and the argyle pattern there will be some thread through but this will be minimised in doing so.  We felt this was a worth comprimise for the softness.
  • We do not recommend the use of softeners
  • No bleach
  • We do not recommend tumble drying
  • We recommend natural drying

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