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We count ourselves very lucky here at Ginger & Jardine. The outbreak of a global pandemic 18 months ago changed everyone’s lives more than we thought possible, and it also made life very hard for small businesses. Events and shopping fairs were cancelled almost immediately, and people started living their entire lives through the internet – shopping, socialising and working online. We were very thankful that we already had an ecommerce website which meant we could sell online, but so many businesses had to move quickly to ensure they didn’t lose sales and established an online presence.

Now, even as we look forward to more freedom this summer, there’s still uncertainty around what we can and can’t do and events are still being cancelled. Uncertainty is really annoying if you’re trying to plan a BBQ or head off on holiday, but it’s terrifying when you run a business. Not knowing whether to invest in the fee for an event coupled with a lack of event insurance which covers Covid-19 makes planning ahead very tricky. And, we don’t have the support of corporations and big investors to help us stay afloat.

That’s why your support is more important than ever before! When you support a small British business like us, you’re doing a really good thing. Our clothes are made here in the UK so you’re supporting British craftsmanship and helping us to create jobs for the people in our local area. Research from Indie Retail shows that for every £1 you spend with a small business like ours up to 70p goes back into that local economy. That’s compared to just 5p in every £1 if you shop with a big corporation! There are lots of benefits for you, the customer, too! Small independent brands offer great customer service, give amazing advice to help you order the right size, style and colour first time and have a better carbon footprint than those with an eye on sustainability!

At Ginger & Jardine, we’re also deeply connected to the countryside and enjoy the same sports and pastimes that you do. Whether you ride, shoot, beat, dog walk, farm, garden or curl up on the sofa in them, we promise you’ll be comfortable all day long. Plus, our choice of bamboo fabric means our clothes are designed to be worn and loved time and time again AND stay looking good.  How many times can you say that about a cheap top or dress from the high street?

So, in closing, thank you. Thank you if you’re one of the people who has purchased any of our products during our journey so far. Thank you if you’re one of the people who cheerleaders for us on social media, tagging us when people are on the lookout for a new stock shirt or summer polo shirt. Here’s to the next chapter in the story!

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