Made in the UK – Our quest to support British manufacturing

Why we make it British

We’ve search far and wide for the Best of British manufacturing of our products and we are proud to say the majority of our clothes are made  in the heart of England.  It was not until we visited prospective factories in the UK that we truly realised and appreciated the demise of the UK manufacturing industry as a result of the demand for cheaper clothing from the 1950’s.  We are told that in the 1960’s and 70’s textile factories were closing at the rate of one per day which led to huge unemployment in the affected areas.   Having seen first-hand the impact that still remains today on these areas of Leicestershire and Lancashire we were keen to manufacture in the UK to do our little bit to support them.



The Future of the UK textile industry

The growth of online retail has led to a vast increase in the number of start up and small brands (like Ginger & Jardine) all looking for small scale production – which UK garment manufacturers can deliver.  Investment schemes have assisted with connecting brands and manufactures and the launch of Make it British in 2011 has provided an invaluable resource in connecting brands with factories.

Unfortunately however as a result of the large scale exodus of orders from the 1950’s the investment in garment manufacturing technology and equipment has followed.  As a result many our UK factories do not have the machinery or skills that are abundant in the likes of Turkey and India which is does provide a challenge.

We strive wherever possible to have our clothes made in the UK – not only does it support our UK industry it also means logistics are simpler and quicker and less natural resources are used in transportation.



Made in the UK

Made in the UK means supporting local economies, nurturing local skills, reducing road mile and our carbon footprint.  Long term sustainability….Let’s do our bit!


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