Why is Bamboo Sustainable

What does “sustainable” mean?

It seems to be the buzz word of the 2020’s doesn’t it! Sustainable living, sustainable development, sustainable fashion….but what does it mean? Put simply sustainability is something that can be maintained without compromising future resources.

Why is sustainability so important?

With the rapidly increasing population and consumerism we are using resources way faster than we can replace them. We need to take steps to protect these resources to preserve the environment which will in turn protect our health. By making sustainable choices we are ensuring our natural resources are not being depleted meaning they will be available for future generations.

Why is bamboo sustainable?

There are a number of factors why bamboo is such a sustainable resource. For starters it is the fastest growing crop on earth – growing up to 1 metre in just a single day!

A bamboo crop is ready to harvest in 3 to 7 years whereas a crop of trees is around 30 to 50 years – quite a difference.

It absorbs roughly five times more carbon dioxide and releases around 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of hardwood trees. And it doesn’t need much to do this – bamboo demands are minimal requiring very little water and no fertilisers or spays to survive.

Limits soil erosion – unlike many other crop it is cut not cultivated which helps soil stability

All Ginger and Jardine’s sumptuous bamboo clothing is from sustainable sources’ so you can rest assured you are doing your bit for our planet.

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