Why wear bamboo?

Why wear Bamboo?

You may be wondering why I am so passionate about bamboo as a clothing fabric. Well the reasons are never-ending! So, let me just run through a few of my favourite benefits that bamboo clothing brings over more conventional fabrics like cotton.

Silky soft

Bamboo offers a softness similar to silk without the high price! Our jersey fabric is made of a combination of bamboo viscose and elastane which is lightweight but still feels luxurious! Our bamboo and cotton range is more cosy, but still just as soft!

Moisture wicking

Bamboo is 3x more absorbent than cotton and has antibacterial properties, staying fresher for longer so you have to wash it less frequently, bonus!

Moisture Wicking

Perfect for all weather

The special properties of bamboo mean it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And for those especially cold days, try layering up with a base layer beneath one of our roll necks. Or try our cosy range which uses a bamboo and brushed cotton blend to keep you extra snug. Our sleeveless polo shirts are popular for the summer and all our styles offer UV protection, as bamboo fabric blocks out 97% of harmful rays.

Doesn’t irritate the skin

Bamboo works so well in clothing as it lies flat to the skin, preventing any irritation from rubbing up and down. Perfect for if you are wearing our clothing for being active! Bamboo is also a popular choice for those with allergy prone skin.

Stays in nice condition

Wash, after wash, after wash, Bamboo clothing keeps its shape much better than other fabrics. Because there is nothing worse than wearing your brand new favourite top once, only to discover it comes out of the wash misshapen and bobbly!

Written by Katie Partridge

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