World Wildlife Day

It’s World Wildlife Day today and it’s more important than ever before. Not a week goes by without more news of animals on the brink of extinction somewhere in the world or devastating habitat loss… all thanks to the activities of humans. It makes us so sad! It’s also why our founder Lynne was determined to ensure her business was sustainable when she founded Ginger & Jardine. Bamboo fabric has so many amazing benefits to the wearer, but did you know that it has some great green credentials too?

  • It prevents soil erosion: Bamboo can and does grow in poor quality soil, making it an easy crop to grow. Because it is a grass it is not cultivated each year but simply cut to the base which helps to prevent soil erosion.
  • It saves on water: Bamboo is able to grow with very little water and frequently requires no irrigation unlike Cotton.
  • It uses fewer pesticides: Bamboo has no natural pests which means that growing it has less impact on the environment with very little use of toxic chemicals and less run-off from pesticides.
  • It’s sustainable: Bamboo grows extremely quickly and is the fastest growing plant on the earth; it has been recorded growing over 100 cm in a 24 hour period.  This rate of growth and the fact that it can establish in hostile climates makes it very Sustainable.
  • It removes greenhouse gases: Studies have shown that the equivalent amount of bamboo takes in more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produces 35 percent more oxygen than trees.

3rd March 2021

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