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Our bamboo fabric means our clothing range not only looks great, but it also comes with a range of benefits for the wearer. Our founder Lynne chose bamboo fabric when she first created the Ginger & Jardine brand because it is incredibly soft but is also breathable, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial. That makes it perfect for people whose day to day lives are active, such as countryside and horsey folk! It’s also sustainable, prevents soil erosion and uses far less water to grow and produce than other materials.

But those of you who follow the brand closely will have noticed that there are several different types of bamboo fabric used for our designs. In this blog we’ll take you through what they are and the differences between them so that you can select the ones which suit your needs best. Plus, if you read on until the end, you’ll find a little bit about two fabrics which are being added to the collection soon…

The Cosy Fabric

Our much-loved cosy fabric is a blend of cotton, bamboo and elastane in an interlock knit with a weight of 230gsm (that stands for grammes per square meter and refers to how thick and heavy a fabric is!). It also has a slightly brushed finish which makes it feel snug and extra cosy! This fabric is lovely and warm so can be used as a standalone layer to keep you toasty. Or, for chilly days, layer it under your favourite woolly sweater for ultimate warmth.

The Silky Fabric

Our silky fabric is lighter weight than the cosy version at 200gsm and contains only bamboo and elastane, with no cotton. Because bamboo fibres lie very flat, the surface of the fabric is very smooth, which is why we call it ‘silky’ and makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Being lighter weight and smooth it is ideal for layering but also looks smart in spring and autumn as a standalone piece instead of a shirt and worn under a gilet or sweater. 

The Super-Cosy Fabric

The super-cosy fabric is a blend of cotton, bamboo and elastane in an interlock knit but with a weight of around 270 gsm making it really thick and warm. Like the cosy fabric it has a slightly brushed finish which makes it feel thicker and adds a little extra comfort and cosiness. 

The Luxe Fabric

Incredibly soft and stretchy, our luxe fabric is a mix of bamboo, cotton and elastane.  It is a fine rib jersey which helps trap air next to the skin to keep you insulated but without the slight thickness of our cost fabric. The luxe fabric is knitted with bamboo, cotton and elastane and has a weight of 220gsm, so is sufficient to wear with nothing underneath. Or, if you feel the cold and want to layer up, it is great with a silky tee underneath. 

Coming soon to the Ginger & Jardine collection…

Lightweight Luxe

Perfect for those warmer days, this fabric has the softness and stretch of our luxe fabric but is a slightly lighter weight at 190gsm. Made from a bamboo, cotton and elastane blend this is ideal for summer tee shirts. 


Our pique fabric is made with 67% bamboo 28% cotton with a touch of elastane to give stretch and ensure the shape is kept wash after wash. Unlike many cotton pique fabrics this is ultra soft thanks to the bamboo fabric, and won’t go crispy on the washing line. 

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